Site Development

Site development and feasibility analysis falls into two categories: undeveloped sites, and expansion of existing structures. Site development and feasibility analyses determine whether a particular site or structure is suitable for a defined project.

For undeveloped sites The DOH Associates take into consideration such factors as the development costs of the land, availability of utilities and services, zoning and governmental parameters, environmental impact, soil type, accessibility, and geological considerations such as proximity to flood plains, swamps and fault lines.

For proposed expansion projects, we take into account adequacy of existing services, need for repair of existing facilities, ability of an existing building to accommodate proposed changes, land use considerations for proposed building additions, costs associated with repairs and expansions, and whether or not using the existing site will accommodate the client's project.

While land may be suitable for development, it is not always suitable for the specific project a client intends to implement. The honesty and integrity of DOH Associates is an important factor in this phase; our clients know they can trust us to give an honest analysis of the feasibility of a project for a particular site.